Custom socks for your

for your company, club or cause.

Still looking for the perfect giveaway for your next team event? Look no further. Our socks are…

✅ designed in Germany, produced in Europe.
✅ available from 40 pairs upwards.
✅ knitted, not printed.
✅ free custom design preview.
✅ delivered for free within Europe, optionally shipping worldwide.

Project example for classic socks
Project example for classic socks with custom packaging
Project example for sports socks

We offer cotton socks with logo and motifs produced as promotional items

Socks are knitted from cotton and can be designed in up to 6 colors, based on your concepts and ideas!

Use our online calculator, to receive a free personalized offer and free design previews for your custom made socks.

Get a free offer in under 2 minutes

Use our online tool, start creating your perfect giveaway now – and order your personalized custom socks in bulk within minutes.

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We have served clients in over 20 countries.
We ship worldwide!

The cream of the crop: custom socks

How many holiday seasons have you already spent trying to find the perfect little gift for your teammates or club members? If you are like us, you have probably searched the internet for countless hours just to come up empty-handed – or with a bunch of weird Christmas mugs that nobody will remember after January. But: Stress not, the perfect present has now made its way to you: socks. And not any socks – custom cotton socks. With business logo, without logo, black and white or rainbow-colored: They are a gift to remember.

Project example for socks with logo and motif

Project example for classic socks

Design examples for socks with logo and motif

We offer sport socks with logo and motifs produced as promotional items, for daily use and sport teams.

Socks are knitted from cotton and can be designed in up to 5 colors, based on your concepts and ideas!

Project example for sports socks

Design examples for sports socks

The custom sock that keeps on giving

And we mean that in the best way possible. Our custom socks are made from cotton and your designs will not be printed onto them, but knitted straight into the fabric:

✅ Who wants plastic socks? We certainly do not. Made from almost pure cotton, our custom socks are breathable and comfortable to wear – no excessive sweating!

✅ Because the design is knitted, not printed, it cannot wash of – we would love to see you try!

✅ Completely individual design: There will be no other sock like yours. You have the vision, we make it happen.

Our promise to you: a quality product made to enjoy

That is right, our custom socks are made to be worn, not to be showcased in a glass box. And yet – starting from only 3 EUR a pair (talk about cheap custom socks) and with the additional free custom design we promise, this is the best value for money you have seen in a while. And of course: People love them. Who does not wear socks, right.


With over 100 reviews on Trustpilot, is ranked #1 in the promotional products supplier category.

Ask for an individual offer.

What you can expect with our custom-made socks


Available for (almost) all sizes: 23-26, 27-30, 31-35, 36-43, 42-46 and 46-50 – so if you want to gift a pair to the kids of your teammates, we can make that happen.


Our normal custom socks are made from 80% cotton, 17% polyamide, and 3% elastane. For sports socks, we use 17% polyamide and 5% elastane to ensure elasticity even under extended wear.

Delivery time

Your new customized socks will be delivered by UPS, FedEx Express or your local courier. There is no extra charge, of course.


Delivery can take up to 5 weeks, depending on seasonal fluctuations. This time frame includes the production time already.

What’s next? How to order your customized socks online

1. Calculate offer

2. Review the design

3. Get your socks

This is a little over simplified, but ordering custom socks with us is really easy, promise! With just a few steps and a little patience, you will have your perfect custom socks made to order:

Step 1: Simply use our online tool to create your own socks. The tool allows you to send in specifications about your design and any additional info we need from you. Even before sending in your request, you can see how much it will cost you – and you will get the offer including the prizes as a PDF file.

Step 2: You will then receive our design ideas, including a virtual image of the finished product. Of course, you can still make adjustments, should the design not be to your liking. Should we be unable to deliver on a specific design, we will do our best to find a design that is possible to produce on socks and still satisfies your wishes.

Step 3: In an email, we compile the details of your order so that you can see all the parameters at a glance: quantity, sizes, delivery address, billing address, estimated delivery date, etc. We also create a production template with a view of the custom socks from all sides, the selected yarn colors, and a label or banderole design. Should anything still be incorrect, let us know where corrections need to be made. We will then update the order to ensure everything is accurate.

Color selection: We initially compare the colors on screen. If there are multiple options, we compare the yarn colors using a Pantone fan or send you color samples by mail if you are unable to choose.

Sample socks: Upon request, we also send you sample socks so you can assess the quality of the socks yourself.

Step 4: Once you have confirmed the order, the fun can begin! We hand over the socks to production, we finalize the labels or banderoles for printing and create knitting templates for the socks.

Step 5: Unfortunately, this is where you patiently have to wait for the mailman.

Your custom design socks – our perfect length

We know that not everyone likes their socks the same way. It is kind of like ice cream: some like chocolate, some like vanilla. Some like to wear their custom socks right above the ankles, some want them up to their knees. While we do not offer stockings, we do offer our custom socks in 3 different lengths:




Regular: Made to wear during winter, they cover most of the calf and provide cozy warmth.

Quarter: Those are the perfect crew socks to customize if you are unsure about which length to choose.

Sneaker: Sneaker socks are especially handy for the summer months or everyone who loves to wear low cut shoes.

Take your pick – or let fate decide. If it were us, we would double-check with the current fashion trends and take it from there. No matter if you need customized socks with your company logo or plain old custom socks for the soccer team, length matters. After all, you want the custom socks to be worn.

High-quality packaging for high-quality custom socks

With our products designed in Germany, we are proud to announce that our packaging is just as good in quality as our custom socks. And especially for presents and giveaways – no matter how small – the packaging just makes the whole thing, well, whole. Which is exactly why you cannot just customize the socks, but the packaging, too! Banderoles, labels and/or boxes can be branded with your company logo as well.




After all – the first impression is what counts. And no matter how great the gift, if it comes in an unloving box (or none at all, god help us) where is the fun in that? Most of us love the unwrapping just as much as the contents themselves, so why not cater to both.So if you have decided to buy custom socks, why not make it a package deal (pun intended) and go for the perfect banderole, box or label, too. And that’s a wrap!

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